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COB- Trashed long and strungout ( text )

26. dubna 2008 v 20:57 | x_Brembík_x
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Another trainwrecking punch with nothing to cushion the blow
Tryin to be dangerous helping unhealthy never ready to go

Before I go high I'm very down
Theyre only going out there again and again

You try biting all the way not be one to none lost your strungout
Then again try something fucked to mess around and knock me out

Before I go high I'm very down
Theyre only going out there again and again

Maybe I shouldn't profisize my life what the fuck have I done to you
But did you ever be harrassed, with my head still tryin to tell me what the fuck to do

Before I go I hit the ground
They only tore my life down
Before I go high I hit the ground,
The only way I ever get down,
Then with the next you'll tell me where to go,
And after it I'll want more

I'm even getting to the point where I can do nothing but try to be strungout on you
Let me down, waiting down below, for the truth???????????
Until the enemies walking battered around, looking at my own reflection
For ever lost I kiss you good bye to kill my soul addiction

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